Rawhide dog treats for your Bull Terrier

Rawhide dog treats - Mila with rawhide


Rawhide dog treats are a very popular dog treat for chewing and available in all kinds of sizes and shapes. As many Bull Terriers like chewing a lot, especially the young ones, Rawhide dog treats can be a good choice to keep them busy.

What are Rawhide dog treats made of?

As the name suggests rawhide is made from hides – mostly cattle.
The hides are freed from all fat, meat and hair, cleaned, cut, pressed and processed into different shapes, such as sticks, braids, knotted bone shapes etc. before drying. After drying the product has shrunken to about half of its former size, which is one of the major reasons, why rawhide treats bear the potential of causing intestinal blockages and choking.
Some also come with chicken or beef flavoring. Careful with those: They can stain carpets and floors.

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