November 2014

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A wonderful first Sunday of Advent

Well, Advent could be such a happy season for a Bull Terrier: sneaking around, stealing sweets ‘n candy … if only those humans didn’t come along with their crazy ideas …

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Sign this petition to STOP animal abusers!

It’s a good thing that there are people also caring about the weakest members of our society. Animals and pets in particular clearly count towards that group. While many pets luckily are living a happy and pampered life, others are not so lucky. Being abused, beaten or neglected – if lucky – ending up in shelters – if unlucky – tortured until dead!

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Understanding dog behavior – staring and petting

Hey guys, I know, it’s been a while. But here I am back with a new dog fact. Today I want to talk about misunderstandings between humans and dogs and the important role of understanding dog behavior in the relationship with your Bull Terrier. Misunderstandings are what causes the majority of problems between humans and dogs. Let’s first talk about human behavior

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Travel Report: Best pet friendly campgrounds in Florida – Fort De Soto

Last Friday we have returned from our very first vacation with Mila – and the three of us really had a great time together. We had decided to camp in a tent at one of the best pet friendly campgrounds in Florida, shortly over two hours away from our home: Fort De Soto Park. The weather was perfect and so was the campsite!

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