Early Bull Terrier St. Patrick’s Day Cartoon

I know I am a little early this time. But I did it on purpose, so you have enough time to send a Bull Terrier St. Patrick’s Day greeting with my new eCard service.

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Bull Terrier St. Patrick's Day CartoonOr, if you prefer printed paper cards, you can buy this theme in my Zazzle Funstore on a printed greeting card or postcard.


Free Bull Terrier eCards

Bull Terrier eCards

Send a smile to someone you like with my Bull Terrier Cartoon eCards! It’s FREE! New themes coming up!
Originally I just intended to use a simple WordPress plugin. That turned out to be waste of time.
So I decided to use another way, which turned out even nicer.


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Note: If you rather like sending printed paper cards, you can buy many of my cartoons printed on greeting cards or postcards in my Zazzle Funstore.

Dog beds for Bull Terriers – Suggestions

Personally I love the all aluminum chewproof Kuranda Dog Bed, which I am introducing in another post. But there are, of course, other choices. Because not every dog has the same sleeping habits and also owners may be looking for different price ranges. Here are two other great choices of dog beds for your Bull Terrier.

1.  Majestic Pet 52-Inch Suede Bagel Dog Beds

Dog beds for Bull Terriers - Mila in her bagel bed.

Please don’t disturb my “Bully Yoga Session” – Mila in her bagel bed.

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Dog beds for Bull Terriers – finding the right one

Dog beds for Bull TerriersSearching for dog beds and finding the right one for your English Bull Terrier is not an easy task. Bull Terriers are very sturdy – and so should be the dog beds for Bull Terriers.
Many love to chew on wood or to take filled upholstery apart just to see what’s inside.
So it’s no wonder that many of the usual dog beds end up shredded to pieces.
Well, at least that makes for funny photos on Facebook, Pinterest etc… I’ve seen many of those. But of course it’s not funny when buying dog beds turns into a costly hobby.
My favorite is the the chewproof, all aluminum Kuranda Dog Bed, I introduce in another essay. It is really cool and different from so many dog beds I have seen so far.
But first let me give you some general information on how to find good dog beds for Bull Terriers.

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Happy Valentine’s Day – Bull Terrier Love is …

Once ignited, Bull Terrier love is unconditional … Here’s my early “Happy Valentine’s Day” to all human couples in love and “Happy Bull-entine’s Day” to all humans lucky enough to be cherished by a Bull Terrier!

Happy Valentine's Day

The eCard is available here for FREE

Or, if you prefer printed paper cards, you can buy this theme in my Zazzle Funstore on a printed greeting card or postcard.