Ten common mistakes in Dog Training

Seven common mistakes in Dog Training - Mila sitting prettyDog training at all times should be fun for both dog and owner. In order to minimize failure and maximize success, there are some thing that should be avoided when owners start to train their dog.

MISTAKE #1: Starting off with the fancy stuff

When new to dog training many inexperienced owners start off with the fancy stuff, such as trying to teach their dog how to sit pretty. Some wonder why the dog “does not get it” and eventually give up on dog training thinking their dog is just not smart enough. In reality dogs may have different learning speeds just as humans, but in general every dog is smart enough for dog training.
It is actually a good idea to start with obedience exercises, for example sit, lie down or stay on command for two simple reasons:


Those exercises are a lot easier to teach than many trick exercises simply because they involve actions that are more natural to the dog. A dog naturally sits, walks or waits at some point. So it is a lot easier to “catch” those behaviors, reward and train them during dog training. Once the dog is used to the training it will become easier to train more complicated exercises and the already learned ones may even help on the way to the more complex stuff.

b. Two benefits – only one effort

The basic obedience exercises are also a perfect way for your dog to mature into a well behaved citizen. So starting off with these actually serves two purposes.

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Bull Terrier swimming – Mila having fun in the pool all summer long


Yes, those english Bull Terrier can be like fish. Watching a Bull Terrier swimming who is ball addicted – great combo! Watch Bull Terrier Mila having the time of her life with her ball in the pool all summer long. One of the funniest moments: The shaking slo-mo at the end.