Choosing the right dog food

Bullterrierfun - Choosing the right dog foodEvery owner wants his dog to be healthy. Choosing the right dog food plays a huge role in the health of your dog. When looking for the right dog food, there are some things to consider.

Ideally the nutrition of a dog is a close as possible to the natural nutrition of carnivores. Meaning based on fresh, raw sources of animal protein, such as meats and eggs, plus bones.

However the ideal way is not always practicable under every circumstance. Some owners consider raw food messy. Feeding raw is also very expensive.
In general there is nothing wrong with feeding processed pet food (kibble or can), especially because those foods are already formulated to meet a lot of the basic needs of your pet regarding nutrients, minerals and vitamins.
And luckily the pet food industry holds a whole lot of alternatives ready to choose from today. Actually so many alternatives that it is hard to find the right stuff at a glance.

However, with convenience and great prices, there always comes a catch.

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