June 2017

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Nipping, jumping and rough play in adult Bull Terriers

Dog owners frequently contact me with questions. An all-time hit are undesired behaviors in dogs of all ages. I have taken one of the recent request for advice as the basis of this essay, because the problem situation seems to apply to a lot of situations owners experience in one way or the other. Dog owners often find themselves confronted

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Dog Food Recall Alert on multiple brands of rawhide chew treats

JUNE 20, 2017 REcall Expansion! Manufacturer: United Pet Group Product: multiple brands of rawhide dog chew products Reason: United Pet Group, is expanding their voluntary recall of multiple brands of rawhide dog chew products due to chemical contamination to include popular store brands of rawhide dog chews sold by Walmart, Petco, H-E-B and others due to possible contamination with a chemical compound. Find more information HERE

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