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Bull Terrier health issues

Bull Terrier health issues become more relevant with aging. In this article I talk about Mila’s issues, the measures and remedies we found to deal with them.

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Please prevent dog overheating and burning their paws

Greetings, everyone! Amidst scorching summer days, especially here in record-hot Florida, I’d like to shed light on a crucial subject: preventing dog overheating. To address this vital topic, I’ve decided to infuse a touch of artistry, using my drawings.

Each year, distressing stories emerge of lives lost or health jeopardized due to unattended children and pets trapped in sweltering cars.

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Bull terrier training

Bull Terrier Training – Someone’s gotta learn something

Navigating tight spaces with Mila prompted my reflection on the beauty of our communication, transcending words—where “us” meant Mila and me. An essay sprung forth, exploring fellow Bull Terrier owners’ shared struggles in the “Doggie trip trap club.” Dogs’ curious natures often lead to moments of imbalance. Suggested solutions like running them over raise concerns. Instead, my approach focuses on

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Lean, low starch, grain-free homemade raw food recipe for dogs (revised)

Detailing the process, I invite you to explore the world of raw dog food. For Mila, yeast sensitivity prompted a focus on low-starch veggies, avoiding yeast feeding. While some ingredients can be swapped—like sweet potato, pumpkin, or lentils—for variety, tailor choices based on your dog’s needs. Embrace the art of nourishing your Bull Terrier with this recipe.

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How to find the best vet for your Bull Terrier

This is not going to be a straight step-by-step guide to finding a vet but more of a report about my own experiences with vets with both a very sick dog as well as with routine care of a pretty healthy one. Vets are an important and frequent part of our pets’ lives and finding the right one means finding

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