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Find information on useful accessory and toys for English Bull Terriers. Bull Terrier toys, beds and other items that last.

Potty Bells and potty bell training for my Bull Terrier

With Mila I am using a potty bell and both of us find that very convenient. She has the chance to let me know whenever she needs to go outside for potty business and I benefit by not having scratched doors or “oopsie’s” in the house. Choosing the right potty bell will depend on your dog. If your dog likes

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Dog beds for Bull Terriers – Suggestions

Personally I love the all aluminum chewproof Kuranda Dog Bed, which I am introducing in another post. But there are, of course, other choices. Because not every dog has the same sleeping habits and also owners may be looking for different price ranges. Here are two other great choices of dog beds for your Bull Terrier. 1.  Majestic Pet 52-Inch Suede

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Dog beds for Bull Terriers – finding the right one

Searching for dog beds and finding the right one for your English Bull Terrier is not an easy task. Bull Terriers are very sturdy – and so should be the dog beds for Bull Terriers. Many love to chew on wood or to take filled upholstery apart just to see what’s inside. So it’s no wonder that many of the

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