Bull Terrier Character

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The Bull Terrier Character thrives with education

Bull Terrier Character - Mila obeying to "Sit" command

“Mila, SIT!”

To first-timers the characterization above may sound like a sweet, but not particularly easy to handle dog.
I can fully endorse that, if an owner does not know what he is doing.

Bull Terriers need a lot of love and attention. Being mad at them or treating them bad can shatter their world and even make them physically ill, even if no physical force is involved.
Actually physical force is hardly a successful parenting tactic with an Bull Terrier, because of their high pain tolerance. The dog will rather feel animated to play than grasp the educational intention behind a hearty smack on his butt.
Of course, one can beat any dog to the point of obedience out of pure fear. But this is something so cruel, I do not even want to think about or discuss here.

When I say that they need a firm hand and consistency, I mean that the owner has to MEAN and enforce his orders by patience and repetition, not physical force! He also needs to be consequent and consistent in his actions with the dog.
If you command your dog to sit and then do not take the time to wait until your dog is doing it, you are actually leaving the choice to or not do it to your dog. So, how can your Bull Terrier know, that “Sit” really means “SIT!”

Bull Terriers are creatures of habit

Well, actually every dog breed shows this character trait. Still, it is amazing to what extend many Bull Terriers are creatures of habit, as they are considered stubborn and querulent characters.
If you indulge them with periodic daily routines and processes (for eating, training, resting, sleeping …) you will not believe how much fun they have with KNOWING what’s on the agenda even before you can demand it. Even more they will actively begin to study you to find even more ways to behave “right” and please you or make you laugh.

Bull Terriers need a lot of attention

English Bull Terrier Character - Mila listening to ghost stories

“Alright daddy! Tell me the scariest ghost story you know!”

When I say the Bull Terrier needs a lot of attention, I mean that many of them are not satisfied by just doing their own thing or lying around. Bull Terriers want to interact and play.
So, don’t wonder, if your fully rested and wide awake Bully goes up the walls when you come home tired after a long work-day.
You will need to plan some entertainment for your Bully and at least part of it should involve yourself. Actually this is not only true for Bull Terriers, but for other dogs, too.
Just walking your Bull Terrier around the block will likely not be able satisfy his needs for exercise at all. This is not the case, because the walking would be too few of exercise. The real problem is, it does not meet the interests of this agile and curious breed. Your Bull Terrier by far would not be the first Bully, who is not interested in walking, unless the two of you took a real exciting and diverse tour.

On this website, I will help you to come up with some ideas to mentally and physically challenge your Bull Terrier. I will explain why it is fun for the both of you and a very useful exercise for your Bull Terrier to teach him some tricks. And I will give you tips for obedience and general dog training, such as potty training, basic commands like “Sit” and “Stay”, leash walking etc.

And some day – not very far away – your “hard-to-train” English Bull Terrier will be a delight to live with, while you will be proud of yourself and the relationship that has developed between the two of you.

You will also find first advice on how to work out your Bull Terrier in this article.

4 thoughts on “Bull Terrier Character

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  3. Hi,
    I recently rescued a 2yo Bull Terrier. We are having a hard time to get him to stop breaking things, we thought we had put everything that he could destroy away yet yesterday we came home to a destroyed hot water tank and a destroyed heat pump system (all stored outside of the house but attached to walls). As well as cloths coming off the line. Is there anyway that we can correct this destructive habit and how long does it usually take. We have been taking him to training classes as he doesnt know how to sit or stay or anything like that.

    Thanks Danika

    • This Bull Terrier needs A LOT of training and attention. My guess here is that results are expected way too soon. I also recommend to do research on the breed. You will learn that with lack of exercise and education they can become very destructive just out of boredom.
      They are also pretty wild puppies and youngsters and need owners who are willing to handle that. At about the age of three when they have received the proper attention and training in their early ages they will start to settle a bit and become very affectionate dogs.

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