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Bull Terrier Body Health is very important for your Engish Bull Terrier. Find helpful tips and information here.

Bull Terrier health issues

Bull Terrier health issues become more relevant with aging. In this article I talk about Mila’s issues, the measures and remedies we found to deal with them.

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How to find the best vet for your Bull Terrier

This is not going to be a straight step-by-step guide to finding a vet but more of a report about my own experiences with vets with both a very sick dog as well as with routine care of a pretty healthy one. Vets are an important and frequent part of our pets’ lives and finding the right one means finding

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Skin allergies in dogs – an essay about treatments and options

Today I want to talk about allergies in dogs and treatments from my personal experience, knowledge and understanding. This article is not and does not replace professional advice. But it may be able to give some owners a first slightly deeper understanding of what they are up to when a dog is dealing with skin allergies. Bull Terriers are sadly

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How to identify skin allergies in your Bull Terrier

Before I start with this topic I want to tell you something very personal: 95% of the things in this blog are not only thoroughly researched by me but they are actually based on my own experience. And that means that they are also based on mistakes I made myself. It has happened more than one time in my life

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Help! My dog ate a toothpick!

Today, I want to talk about a serious matter with you guys – the ingestion of objects.Let’s be honest with each other, even the most cautious and watchful owner will probably at some point run into such a situation: Doggie has swallowed something it shouldn’t have.If we are lucky, it is a small, blunt object that is likely to pass

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Can dogs get sunburn or is my Bull Terrier too cool for that?

Many people, especially the ones, whose dogs have pink noses like many Bull Terriers do, are asking themselves: Can dogs get sunburn? The answer: Yes, dogs can get sunburn (and even skin cancer)! So, how can we determine, If our dog has a sunburn? Basically the same way we do it as humans: Press one finger on the skin, release

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The dog heat cycle (estrus cycle)

For several different reasons some owners may not want their female dogs to get spayed. For the owner of such an “intact” female some knowledge about the heat cycle is helpful to prevent “accidents”. In this post you will find information on the heat cycle in dogs, signs to look out for and measures to take. In this relating article I

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Dog Heat Suit – a great alternative to diapers for bitches in heat

If your female dog is not spayed, you are probably dealing with some messy issues during her heat cycles. Introducing: A great piece of dog apparel to handle the messy side of a dog’s heat:   The Dog Heat Suit Originally invented for dogs after surgery, this suit also aids in treatment of skin conditions, covers wounds for better healing,

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Dog Anal gland problems – something smells fishy

If you witness your dog scooting on her butt across the floor or desperately trying to reach for her back, all that accompanied by a fishy smell, you may likely be dealing with some anal gland (= anal sac) issues. Or maybe you just notice that fishy smelling “souvenir” on the couch after your dog has left her favorite hangout

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