Dog Food Recall Alert on Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula dog food

Dog Food Recall Alert on "Bravo Chicken pet foods for dogs and cats"!MaY 31, 2016

Manufacturer: Blue Buffalo

Product: Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula dog food

Reason: Blue Buffalo is voluntarily recalling one lot of its Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula dog food due to the presence of moisture and mold.

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Bull Terrier water color painting

Bull Terrier water color paintingYesterday I was in the mood for something “creative” – yet this time I did not have any great ideas for a cartoon. So I decided to create a Bull Terrier water color painting of my girl Mila. Fascinating – it’s 100% made on the computer. It’s so convenient and freely scalable to any size I like. Today you do not even need real brushes and colors to make water color art. I do sometimes miss the distinct smell of real colors I used to paint with when I was younger though. Maybe I find an “oil color scented” air freshener some day 🙂

Dog Food Recall Alert on Purina Beneful and Pro Plan Dog Food

Dog Food Recall Alert on "Bravo Chicken pet foods for dogs and cats"!March10, 2016

ManufacturerNestle Purina

ProductBeneful and Purina Pro Plan wet dog foods

Reason: Nestle Purina is voluntarily recalling Beneful and Purina Pro Plan wet dog foods because their own tests revealed that the affected dog foods did not contain the recommended level of vitamins and minerals.

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Dog trick: Teach your Bull Terrier to hold a pole

Dog trick: Teach your Bull Terrier to hold a poleHave you ever wondered who will hold your flag on the next 4th of July parade? Mila and I have just finished a new, neat dog trick – holding a pole. In two easy video tutorial lessons we are showing you how to train the exercise with your clicker and some treats.
It took some sessions, but both of us had tons of fun with learning this trick!

PHASE 1: Reward any interaction

First you need to get your dog used to the pole or stick you are using. Many dogs tend to shy away from objects larger than themselves and objects touching them. If your dog is very sensitive and scared easily, choose a smaller object, such as an umbrella. The pole should also fit your dog’s size. Mid-sized to larger dogs will be able to hold a broom upright, while a Jack Russel Terrier may experience problems with holding the balance, while he does perfect with a large wooden spoon or so.

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Clicker training with Bull Terier Mila – the bow

DULLNESS ALERT! This video to many probably shows four pretty humdrum minutes.
I made it to show my progress with the training of the bow to a forum community after changing my tactics.
Maybe it’s still informative to some simply watching the process.
I kept the audio so you’ll see when I clicked (with either right or wrong timing :).
When processing the video, of course, I also saw my own faulty clicks and timing errors. Nice that this is not able to throw the dog off track.
Currently, and as seen in the video, I try to remove the treat from my leading hand and get her to bow by just following my hand touching the ground.
Sometimes I need to pretend to take a treat or simply quickly touch her hose to get her attention back.
Later in the video I reward her for holding the pose a little longer.
Next steps will be removing the hand entirely, introducing the command and holding the pose longer.
Let’s see how long we need. 🙂

Sign this petition to STOP animal abusers!

Sign this petition to STOP animal abusers!It’s a good thing that there are people also caring about the weakest members of our society. Animals and pets in particular clearly count towards that group. While many pets luckily are living a happy and pampered life, others are not so lucky.

Being abused, beaten or neglected – if lucky – ending up in shelters – if unlucky – tortured until dead!

Today I came across a petition I want to introduce here:
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Sign this petition to safe dogs from heat stroke!

Speak up for animals - Sign the petition!


Dog and animal lovers in the U.S., here’s your call to help pets around the nation!

There’s a call online to sign this petition: “Driven-To-Bark
The petition is initiated by Petplan pet insurance urging all states to enact laws that ban leaving animals alone in cars during dangerous temperatures.
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