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mila_ball_waterChuckit! produces a wide range of toys for pets. Among them there are a lot of Chuckit Dog Balls. Due to the large variety even of balls alone, I will only cover the balls here that I have personally tested with Mila so far.

But there will probably be one or the other additional other Chuckit! toy up for testing in the future, because in general this brand seems to stand for durable pieces.


And when you own a Bull Terrier, you know, you need some “stuff” every now and then 🙂

Chuckit! Large Kick Fetch Ball

The Kick Fetch Ball for dogs is available in different sizes. It is made of a combination of durable textile and some kind of rubber, filled with foam (so technically this is a solid/ filled and not compressible ball).

Despite the textile and seams it is pretty sturdy. But it will not withstand intensive chewing! We have the large size, which measures about 7.8 inches in diameter. It is easy to hold and carry for the dog due to the indentations.

It is also not very heavy and it floats! On our ball the seams eventually opened a bit in one area. I fixed that with a few stitches. If you do not know how to hand-sew, I think this may be the point to discard the ball.

The Chuckit Kick Fetch Ball is nice for fetch or even water games.

Bull terrier toys - Chuckit! Large Kick Fetch Ball
Chuckit! Large Kick Fetch Ball

Pros of the Chuckit! Large Kick Fetch Ball

  • not very heavy
  • easy to grab and hold for the dog
  • floats

Pros of the Chuckit Large Kick Fetch Ball

  • seams can open
  • NOT chew proof!


This is a good ball for inside and outside. Too large to roll under most furniture, soft, not scratchy or leaving other marks. Mila sometimes nudges this ball around or chases it when we nudge it. Other than that her interest in this ball is low. It is one of the toys she always has access to during the day. And I would say it is one of the toys she would not miss. I still think it is a good quality toy worth the money. Maybe your dog thinks differently.

Chuckit Ultra Ball – Medium

What I like about this ball is that is comes in so many different sizes. I use the medium size, which is pretty close to the size of a tennis ball. They are hollow, but mage of durable rubber. Some sizes even work with the Chuckit ball lauchers, which come in handy for people, who are not natural born flingers for a round of fetch.

Bull terrier toys - ChuckIt! Medium Ultra Ball
ChuckIt! Medium Ultra Ball

Bull Terrier Toys - Chuckit! Classic 26M Launcher
They are also wonderful for water games, because of their signal color and because they float!

Pros of the Chuckit Ultra Ball

  • easy to perceive signal color
  • decent bounce
  • float
  • hollow, but pretty sturdy
  • available in many different sizes
  • decent price (around 6 bucks for 2 medium)

Cons of the Chuckit Ultra Ball

  • although the manufacturer claims that these are made of “natural rubber” the balls actually have a bitter, chemical taste and smell. Some sensitive dogs may not like them because of that.


Regarding size and durability, I think the Chuckit Ultra Ball is a fair choice. Mila however has also not yet decided, if she loves them or not. But most of the time she refuses them. I think the reason is their taste. Also she is provided with a lot of other choices. So, of course, she will not accept anything, but perfect. 🙂

The Chuckit! Ultra balls MEDIUM are about the size of a regular tennis ball.

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