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Yet, the problem is undeniably global. But are the dogs really the problem, just because some sort of list says so?

In the meantime I could not help but notice that in our area in Florida mainly the Pit Bulls suffer from a similarly bad reputation. I can only imagine some sort of a history behind that. It hurts to watch how Pit Bulls are being redlined in many ways and that even dog owners, who should know better, stigmatize the dogs instead of the other end of the leash.
I find it difficult to believe that this breed is “malicious” and “evil” to the bones in general, just as I find it difficult to think that way about English Bull Terriers.
On the other hand we met a boy in the dog park one day, admiring our dog and asking, if she was aggressive, bragging about his own Pit Bull at home being so aggressive that he could not take him to a dog park. It was disturbing to listen to someone bragging about his dog being aggressive.


I don’t know, if similar to the events back in Germany the core cause behind the terrible incidents that contributed to their bad reputation are a certain kind of owners, using the dogs as muscle supplement. Also I don’t know if those flames got nourished by scorching media. But this explanation just feels much more likely to me than believing that Pit Bulls are just plain evil.

This is a human problem, not a dog issue!

The entire problem is not just black and white, it has a lot of facets to look at

I can also somehow understand the feelings of some haters: I think it’s kind of a primal fear to be afraid of being attacked by an animal and for some people it just boils down to that. I can also understand the owners of those pocket pooches fearing for their pets to get attacked by bigger dogs. Or people fearing for their kids.

That is all understandable.

And I know that kids approaching a dog is always a very special situation, in particular for the dog.
I can yield to the reservations of people and act appropriately with my dog as a responsible owner.

The problem is the widespread amount of misinformation and prejudice on the one hand and also careless or incapable dog owners on the other.

Read more about myth or prejudice of dangerous dog breeds on the next page.

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