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Careless ownership unfortunately nourishes problems and prejudice

Dogs neglected, bored, untrained, unsupervised, unmanaged … a recipe for disaster.


And sure, not every dog breed is for everyone.
The way I know the procedure of getting a dog from my childhood days: The entire process was just about choosing the preferred looks and colors of a breed who’s appearance met the taste of the future owner, paying money and putting a leash around the furry neck.


Sound familiar?

Maybe for many this situation is still the same and they are just not aware of the fact that owning a dog involves a lot more. Especially with some breeds – listed or not – that need special attention and exercise or are a higher risk just because they are bigger than other dogs and when they get angry, more damage is caused.

The combination of a breed that needs special attention, certain knowledge and experienced handling with owners who don’t care or even want aggression is a ticking time bomb.
Especially when at some point those breeds become trendy for a while, things often tend to get out of hand. Going along with higher numbers of owners, who are inexperienced, which is not the bad part, but who are also not interested in learning about the breed and how to deal with their character. THAT is the bad part.
More unfortunate incidents are happening.
Tabloid journalism topping it off and stoking fears – and here we are!

As easy as it is to destroy the reputation of a breed among society, it’s almost impossible to restore it completely

For the longest time I was angry and sad about the prevalent prejudice. That has settled a bit.
I do not close my eyes to the truly horrible injuries can happen to kids, adults or other animals in a dog attack. I know that these things sadly actually happen every day.
And a lot of the smaller incidents do not even appear in any statistic, because they happen within the families or are not reported.
I see how people get to being scared to their bones after all the news they read and all the horrible pictures they see. Why ask, if the dog in the news actually WAS a Bull Terrier and not mixed up with another breed.

Read more about myth or prejudice of dangerous dog breeds on the next page.

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