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On the other hand, what does it even matter, what kind of dog it was that attacked???

Bite incidents are horrible, no matter the breed.



But in 95% of all cases when things go so terribly wrong, it’s actually traceable back to human failure. And a lot of incidents could be prevented – not by extinction of certain breeds, but by considerate, responsible behavior of owners, better education about dogs, managing and dog training.

Even though we ourselves are doing the best we can to manage and control our dog wherever we are, things can happen.
In every case it was another dog that triggered a disagreement. But that doesn’t help anyone, when the result is injury and damage. And with the thinking of many people today, if a “dangerous dog breed” is involved, this dog will always be more likely the one having to take the blame for it. In some extreme cases that can mean a death sentence for this dog, although it may only have defended itself and not even have started the fight.

Train your dogs! Manage! Make a difference!

Although like I said, my experience in the U.S. is much more positive than it was back in Germany, I am usually very passive with Mila and let people or dogs come towards us. I let people decide, if they are interested and not the other way around.
For that reason I’d also not let her run free anywhere else than in a dog park, dog beach or on our property. I personally think that it is reasonable to expect dogs to be leashed in certain crowded areas. It just allows the owner to control the dog at any time, no matter which unknown triggers may scare, upset or aggravate the dog.
We have even limited our visits to dog parks and the dog beach to times when likely only a few dogs are around and we try to leave when things start to look chaotic – BEFORE something happens.
I’ve witnessed a lot of careless dog owners in the past – no matter what the breed – not bothering at all with watching and controlling their dogs, when these start pestering other dogs and those other dogs didn’t like it.
It could be my dog that’s being pestered. It could also be my dog bothering another one. They’re animals. Why risk a bad day for everyone just because of neglect. I don’t get it.

Read more about myth or prejudice of dangerous dog breeds on the next page.

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