Dog grooming and general body care

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Dental care

Brushing your Dog’s teeth is a good idea. Just as for humans it is advised to be done at least twice daily, because basically the same rules of nature apply to dog’s teeth in this regard.

To support your teeth cleaning efforts, there are also a lot of chewy treats available, mechanically cleaning the teeth during chewing.
However, please note that neither kibble nor chew treats are able to replace proper dental care! That would be the same as just chewing Xylitol sweetened chewing gum as a human and believing that this replaces all of the brushing, flossing and use of mouthwash we do every day. It doesn’t!

Also just in case, I’ve sparked some strange ideas here: NEVER feed Xylitol to your dog – it’s toxic for dogs! Chewing gum is not made for dogs either.

You can use a regular toothbrush for humans or products developed especially for dogs. With your puppy you can also try a finger brush. We are using a regular toothbrush for humans and CET toothpaste for dogs.
Note: Do NOT use toothpaste for humans. Swallowing the ingredients – especially fluoridated formulas – can be harmful to your dog!

Learn more about the proper dog dental care in this article.

Bathing & Ear Cleaning

Bullterrierfun - Dog grooming and general body careUnlike years ago, vets and specialists no longer discourage frequent bathing of your dog. This is mainly owed to the fact that the quality of available care products has increased tremendously over the years. Many products are formulated for bathing pets frequently today and contain agents to prevent dry skin and irritations.

How often you want to bathe your dog depends a lot on the individual situation:
Coat length, playing in mud puddles all the time, skin condition etc.

I bathe my Bull Terrier 2-4 times a month with a shampoo and conditioner especially formulated for dogs. If I need to disinfect the paws or need to remove grass from her paws or belly, partial washings may add to that even on a daily basis. Or in time she is taking a daily swim in the pool, I will at least rinse her just with fresh water to wash away the chlorine. So, even being wet on a daily basis is no problem for a dog.
For some dogs with skin conditions daily washing with medicated shampoos – besides other medication – can even be the key to improvement.

You will need to find your own routine with your dog, because every dog is different. Some love water, some hate it. Some love puddles, but not standing in a tub filled with water, some don’t like showers, etc. They are all different. But there is usually at least SOME way to get the job done. You just have to figure it out with your dog.
If your dog does not like bathing a lot, you can try positive reinforcement/ treats and make this a training exercise in order to get your dog used to it a little better.

Read more on the next page about recommended products for bathing and about ear cleaning.

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