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The funny dog iPhone app “Barking Fun”

For my training sessions with Mila, I was looking for some enticing noises to make her bark and teach her how to do it on command and stop it in command. But of course I wanted special “Bullie” noises to trigger the barking. So I asked my sweetheart to create an app for me, because  I could not find one that reliably encouraged her to bark. Ok, I admit it, I also wanted an app that finally had Bull Terriers in it.
This was the birth of our dog iPhone App “Barking Fun”, created and illustrated by us.

Our Dog iPhone App Barking Fun for training or entertainment

Dog iPhone app “Barking Fun”

So, you may find other useful barking apps, but only one with cute English Bull Terrier cartoon images in it.
In the app you will find dog, cat and toy noises. You can play the sounds in loop or activate “shake for random play”.

I am currently using the app for Milas training as described above. So far I do get her to bark with it – so the app actually works. What’s missing is that she barks and stops on my command, but with the app I am pretty positive that we will get there. It will just take some time for me to get her to grasp my point 🙂
Patience has never been one of my strong suits, but doggie training actually builds patience and teaches you to value even the smallest step towards success.

If you are curious now, you can download the app on iTunes for free and use it to stimulate your own dog or just for entertainment of pets or humans.


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