Homemade dog jerky treats recipe

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Homemade dog jerky treats recipe

This is a closeup of what your jerky treats eventually will look like

During the last years there has been a lot of discussion about treats for pets, mainly because imports from Asia are still skyrocking.
A lot of different types of treats have triggered warnings and even recalls.
But not only questionable ingredients in or methods of preserving pet food are reason for concern.
Today all of our food – human food as well as pet food is being processed at a very high level. Competition causes a lot of cost pressure and triggers an ongoing search for more affordable ingredients in our food. Be it artificial cheese that is merely remotely related with real cheese or refined sugar, which basically can be considered THE poison of the 21st century. Flours completely drained void of any vitamins and minerals, gluten, fillers … the list goes on.
What counts for us, counts for our pets as well.
Sadly they seem to be much more susceptible to the consequences of our “civilized” nutrition and many of them suffer from bad allergies and skin issues related to nutrition.

But, all hope is not lost. There is a lot we can do to gain a little more control over – not only what we, but also – what our pets eat.

Here’s one real easy recipe for a treat that will get your furry companion drooling.

Try my recipe for homemade dog jerky treats

Homemade dog jerky treats recipe

Jerky treats in the dehydrator

All you need is a Dehydrator and some lean raw meat.
Deer, beef, elk. I am always a little careful with poultry, because many Bull Terriers are allergic or at least their stomach reacts a little sensitive to poultry – chicken in particular. Many get soft stools when eating chicken.
Still, if you are sure that your dog tolerates poultry, you can also try chicken, duck or turkey for your jerky.

The only thing really important is that the meat you use is really lean. If you have a piece with a rind, trim it before you dry your meat.
Also cut your meat into small, thin (!) pieces before you dry it. It will be stringy after drying and a lot harder to cut.

Tip: If you find your raw meat too flabby to cut, place it in the freezer for some hours until it feels a little firm. You will then be able to cut  it a lot easier.

Read on about how to prepare your homemade dog jerky treats on the next page.

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