Homemade dog jerky treats recipe

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An alternative to using meat – provided your dog does not have issues with unbalanced yeast levels (which is reason to eliminate sugars and carbohydrates from the diet as good as possible) – are fruit.
Thin apple , banana or strawberry slices dried in your dehydrator will be loved!

The best about this homemade dog jerky treats recipe?

You do not have to add anything! No extra marinades, salt or sugar. Leave it all in the kitchen cupboard. Your dog will love your treats just as they are!

Your meats or fruit will have to stay in the dehydrator for quite a while (usually between 4-8 hours).
If you do not own a dehydrator you can also use your oven at 140 degrees F. You will need to leave the oven door open just a little – only a gap, but this is important, because your drying food needs some ventilation. If you need to use something to keep the gap open, don’t use any plastic or other heat sensitive material!

Mila loves homemade dog jerky treats

Mila loves her homemade dog jerky treats

Of course, things are a lot easier with a dehydrator, and also will save some power. I am using a very affordable model, which is completely sufficient, if your  are only producing small amounts of dried food: Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator
Homemade dog jerky treats recipe - Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator

Allow your treats enough time to really dry, because this will prolong their possible storage time.
After drying store them in airtight plastic zipper bags or containers in a dry place at room temperature.

Once really dry your treats will only be about 2/3 of their original size. The more water the dried food originally contains, the more it will shrink during the process of drying.
Even though your treats may now appear a little small, don’t overfeed your dog with them – the calories have not disappeared. They are just concentrated in a smaller food now.

Want to try one of your homemade treats? Go ahead! You will be amazed how good unseasoned foods can taste. No wonder our dogs love it so much!

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