Homemade Dog Treats: Carrot Coconut Mini Cookies

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Homemade Dog Treats: Carrot Coconut Mini Cookies

You can roll your cookies and cut from the roll or use other shapes (small balls, cubes) and different sizes, just as you like. But the easiest and fastest way is to cut them from a cold plate of dough (as explained below). They look good and even smell yummy … 🙂

Now Revised for easier preparation!

Special tip - homemade dog treatsI have tried different kinds of holistic treats, which I still consider a good choice, provided your Bull Terrier does not have any issues with microorganisms (yeast) or her weight. Even many holistic treats contain large amounts of starch and sugars. There are differences in carbohydrates (“good” and “bad” ones). But even if they come from healthy sources, such as honey, it’s still carbs and bacteria or fat pads don’t care if the carbs/ sugars are organic or not.

After some research on the Internet and then came up with my own recipe, which turned out pretty good at first. Only the preparation process was a little bit tedious in the past and I’ve successfully tried to improve that process, too. This is the revised version of my popular Carrot Coconut Mini Cookie recipe.

I do not only want to eliminate playgrounds for Microorganisms, such as fungi (yeast), bacteria or mites (Mange). I also want to keep Mila’s weight under control. So I am looking for food and treats with “controlled” ingredients.
The main part that has changed in this new recipe are not the ingredients. Those are basically the same. The huge change is that the preparation has become much easier and less time consuming. Yeah! 🙂

The best thing about it: Mila loves her homemade dog treats!

I have calculated calorie and fat content. These are only approximate values, but if you compare them to those of many commercial treats as published here by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, you will notice that the homemade cookies beat a lot of them with their lower calorie and fat content.

10 of my mini cookies the size of a quarter contain about 150 kcal. That makes only 15 calories per cookie (without the Coconut oil it’s only 10 calories per cookie).

As they are plant based, their carbohydrate and fat (provided you use the Coconut oil) content is still pretty high, which makes them stand behind homemade pure meat treats.
This is why I will only feed a few pieces to Mila per day. If I want to use more treats, I take homemade dog treats made of dried meat or pieces of carrot, for example.

To break down the numbers for fat, protein, sugars & carbohydrates I base that on an amount of 150 grams (ca. 5.3 oz), which is a common package size for commercial treats.

150 grams of Carrot Coconut Mini Cookie Treats = 860 kcal
Protein (60% plant based, 40% animal protein) 15 grams = 60 kcal
Fat (saturated & unsaturated) 70 grams = 540 kcal
Sugars 5 gram = 20 kcal
Other Carbohydrates 60 grams = 240 kcal

The cookies are free of grains, soy, wheat, corn, gluten, processed sugars and transfat.

In case you want to try the recipe yourself, I have divided my original recipe by four, because my first try worked out to bring a huge batch of almost 800 grams of cookies (ca. 28 oz). I still use to make the big batch and then freeze everything in small parts, because freezing the dough first is now part of the preparation anyways.

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