How to identify skin allergies in your Bull Terrier

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Give it time!

One of the most common problems with allergies, mites and other things dogs can suffer from is patience. When owners switch foods or change detergents it is vital to give this change time to become effective. I know it can be hard to watch the dog still being miserable. But the healing process needs its own time and only once the body has healed the effect of the changes can really start to show.
A span of 4-6 weeks is minimum to notice first changes when it comes to skin allergies.
Only if you notice a rapid worsening of your Bull Terrier’s condition after a switch changing plans right away is a good idea. If the condition seems to stand still or only improves very slowly give things time to adjust and be patient! That is really important.

Even More possible causes of skin issues and itch

There is one other aspect also urging a vet visit when you notice skin issues on your Bull Terrier – and that is canine leukemia. Sadly, that is another possible issue on the list of ailments. Itch is usually not among the common symptoms, but other skin related symptoms such as easy bruising or bleeding, recurring infections or delayed healing can lead to false interpretations and mistaking the issue for skin allergies. When it comes to cancer time is always of the essence.
This is another reason why when it comes to skin issues a vet visit should not be put off and there should not be a lot of experimenting with home remedies.

Last but not least parasites such as fleas (just as mites) can cause a great deal of itch for your Bull Terrier. Ask your vet for the best products to protect your Bull Terrier from fleas and make sure that in certain areas you also use good worm prevention and/or do a frequent round with an antihelmintic. Not only can some types of worms kill a dog. A worm infestation of even the more harmless ones can again weaken the immune system and contribute to other health problems.

I hope this article helps you to successfully identify skin allergies in your Bull Terrier and find your way to handle them. If you have questions, contact me or use the comment section below.

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