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If you have been asking yourself: Do Bull Terriers need a lot of exercise? In a word: YES! They definitely do!

How to work out a Bull Terrier
Bull Terriers are jokers who need exercise and mind challenges

Bull Terriers are jokers, embracing life to the fullest. They are like raw diamonds. If you use the wrong polishing tactics you will only get a pile of carbon. If you use the right tactics and commit to LIVING WITH your Bully, instead of just owning A DOG, you will get the most precious and loving pet you can imagine as the reward for your efforts.


Here you find some information on how to work out a Bull Terrier and what else to consider when you acquire a Bull Terrier as your new family member.
The Bull Terrier needs consistency, a lot of attention, education & guidance and he needs exercise as an outlet for his huge amount of energy. You will notice pretty soon that your new companion seeks a lot of interaction. Bull Terriers are not just pets. They really are family members and they act like it.

Keeping your Bull Terrier entertained can be a time consuming effort, which is why first-timers should think twice, before they buy or adopt a Bull Terrier or a Bull Terrier puppy. Bull Terriers in idle state can become very loud and destructive. They are thinkers and they will find their own way of entertaining themselves, if you don’t take care of it.

How to work out a Bull Terrier?

First, you will need to have both: A fair amount of time to spend with your dog each day and the will to actively engage with your Bull Terrier.

But, don’t make the mistake of counting walks as exercise. Many Bull Terriers do not even like walking very much and will only do as much as they need to finish their business. Walking with your dog is ok to do. Just do not consider it exercise, when you ask yourself how to work out a Bull Terrier.
The time for exercise will go on top of the walking, unless your walk involves really exciting activities, such as running, fetching, being in exciting places etc.

We are lucky enough to have access to a pool here in Florida and where also able to get Mila used to playing in the water. This comes in handy for working her out. Swimming an chasing balls in the water really challenges her and is a great exercise.
If you don’t have a pool, you can still play fetch with balls or frisbees outside, set up playdates with other dogs, visit a dog park, use a flirt pole or tug toys to entertain your dog.

You can also engage in agility training, trick training or weight pulling. There are a lot of options available to entertain your furry fellow.

Read more on how to manage a super agile Bull Terrier on the next page.

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Exercises for dogs - how much and which exercises?
8 years ago

[…] Learn more about the Bull Terrier character in this post. Learn more about how to work out a Bull Terrier here. […]

Kim van den Berg
7 years ago

My bull terrier Jazz is like Mila and this helps me out a lot!
Every day is about draining Jazz’s high energie and keeping her stimulated.
I want to be the best ‘bully mom’ I can be for her and have come a long way with understanding her needs and how to get us on some kind of schedule so we can make the most out of every day.
Thank you so much… I love your website… really helpful

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