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Mila loves her Kong dog ball
Mila loves her Kong dog ball

A good ball for very engaged chewers is a rubber ball, such as the KONG. It can be either solid or hollow inside. Hollow rubber balls will yield a little, when chewed, which puts less impact on the jaws, but eventually it’s up to your dog to choose, what it likes to play with.
Hollow rubber balls, however, should have THICK walls.
There certainly are others existing, but these are the brands I know and have positive experience with:


Available Kong dog balls
These balls are made of durable rubber plastic – which is why they are explicitly labeled for fetching AND chewing by the manufacturer – come in a variety of shapes, sizes and strengths. Red is the normal strength, black is extreme strength.
Although every toy sooner or later will find it’s match and in my opinion NO existing toy can claim the classification “indestructible”, these balls indeed are really durable – which makes them a real good choice as Bull Terrier toys.

There are Kong balls available in different shapes and sizes and of durability.


Note: For more information about the product & purchase information, please click on the image.

Classic Kong (hollow)

Best Bull Terrier ToysBounces erratically, does not float

Bull terrier toys - Classic Kong dog ball
Classic Kong dog ball

Kong Puppy (hollow, as the name suggests only for puppies 15 to 35 pounds)

Bounces erratically, does not float

Bull terrier toys - Kong puppy dog ball
Kong puppy dog ball

Kong Ball (hollow)

Does not float

Bull terrier toys - Kong ball
Kong ball

The Classic Kong is one of my favorite Bull Terrier toys, because it is so versatile. It bounces in unpredictable directions when thrown to the ground, which usually is twice the fun and challenge for your dog. Although not impossible, it is harder for your dog to roll it under the couch or furniture, because of its shape.

I also like to use these balls as “Treat Balls” – which means I fill them with yummy things. I explain how to fill a dog treat ball here.

Kong balls PROS

  • very durable, come in different strengths
  • can be filled with treats
  • good bounce

Kong balls CONS

  • none of the balls above floats!
  • very heavy

Find more information about Tennis dog balls from Kong here. Kong also manufactures a lot of other durable dog toys.


For Mila the Kong ball is only good when filled and used as a treat ball. She sometimes nudges it a little bit around, but that’s basically it. In all fairness, however, I have to say that our former Bull Terrier, Fancy, also had a red Kong ball. And to her this ball was the one and only! She never accepted any other toy we gave her. But this ball had to go everywhere with her. So, it is really hard to predict, if your dog will like the Kong balls and other I am introducing here or not. I can do my very best to provide you with choices of durable products. But the last decision is always up to your knowledge of your dog’s preferences and lastly to your dog itself.


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