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Special tip - chewproof dog bedIn my post “Dog beds for Bull Terriers – finding the right one” I have gathered some tips on how to find the best bed for your Bull Terrier. In this post I want to introduce a really great choice to consider when looking for a durable dog bed.

First of all, let me tell you that this is THE – in my opinion – BEST dog bed I have ever seen: The Kuranda all aluminum chewproof dog bed!


The Kuranda all aluminum dog bed - a great choice for Bull Terriers
The mat and the bone cushion are not included, when buying the bed.

Durable, solid and chewproof aluminum – plastic – nylon construction

The Kuranda all aluminum chewproof dog bed - Some assembly required
Some assembly required. But it’s really easy and done within a few minutes with the durable plastic connecting pieces and strong screws.

This bed is available in a plastic and an aluminum version. The lie down space is made of durable nylon. I would recommend to buy the aluminum version, because even if your Bull Terrier tries to chew on it, he will not be very successful. I have bought the size Large (40 x 25 in) which is perfect for Mila.
This bed is not only sturdy. It looks neat and tidy. Cleaning under it is a piece of cake. Also Mila the elevated platform gives Mila a better overview, which many dogs like.

The Kuranda all aluminum chewproof dog bed - made with durable nylon
The durable nylon area is easy to clean and very sturdy. Also the dog has no chance to chew on it due to the construction of the bed.

Some assembly required – don’t worry, it’s really easy!

The connecting parts are made of plastic, but also very durable. The bed comes to your home with “some assembly required”, which is really easy. It can also be completely disassembled again, if you want to give it a real thorough cleaning and/ or want to wash the nylon part. The solid framing parts of the bed (aluminum and plastic) can just be wiped with a damp cloth for cleaning – SO convenient! At the top the screws sink into the plastic parts and by this are well hidden and hard to find for the dog. The nuts are blunt and hidden under the bed.

Also good to take it outside

And I can even take it outside on the porch to provide Mila some comfy bedding in the shade when it’s warm. Theoretically it would even be good for camping – transported either disassembled or in whole, because it’s easy to clean and prevents your dog from sleeping in the dirt.
The construction of the bed is solid and secure. No rocking or shifting no matter how often doggie gets up and down.

Mila loves her Kuranda dog bed. See how she did inaugurate hers “Bully-style” when she got it:

Dog beds for Bull TerriersAdditional durable bedding available

If you consider the nylon part too hard for your dog (because it has no padding) there is a very comfy reversible pad available fitting in size.

The Kuranda all aluminum chewproof dog bed - pad available
Rubber bands are holding the pad in place and make sure it’s easy to remove the pad for washing.

It has one suede-like side and one deep pile fleece on the other. The fabric on both sides is of very good quality. I have already washed it several times (fits in our washer and dryer). Stains come off pretty well. When there are rawhide pieces on it, it can be hard to get those washed off. But the wet pad it’s quickly cleaned by rubbing with a microfiber cloth or brush also from this more persistent dirt. The cushion is firm, yet comfy and very durable. It can easily be attached to the bed at all four corners and be removed for machine washing (which I already did several times). The rubber bands make sure the pad stays perfectly in place on the frame.
Mila loves to reside in that slightly elevated position. And she is one dog that likes to spread when sleeping. The bed allows for all of that.


The only disadvantage for some dogs I can think about: There are dogs, who like to coil up against something in their back – well, the bed is flat.
Some dogs also like to rest their heads in an elevated position just like humans.
I use additional washable blankets on her bed in order to keep it clean longer. Mila sometimes scrunches them and places her head on them or she uses the bone cushion you see in picture one right at the top of this post as a pillow.

The price is pretty high compared to many other available options of dog beds. But I am not really looking at this as a real disadvantage, because to be honest this bed has already paid off for us: Mila will probably be using it for years to come, if not for her entire life.


Besides that among all of the dog beds for Bull Terriers I have seen so far, this one is the perfect fit.

I hope this article is helpful for you to find the best dog bed for your Bull Terrier. If you think you know one that is even better than the options I am posting about or if you have different experience with those beds, I am really curious to hear about them!

If you need some general advice on how to choose a dog bed, read this post.

If you are looking for other options, take a look at these dog bed suggestions.

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7 years ago

Is it durable for bullies who dig? Is the fabric of the actual bed that strong? And the cushion you use, does it hook on in a way that is dig proof?

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