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Bull Terrier - dog factsHi fellas! It’s time for another one of my interesting dog facts.
As we’re at the peak of summer time, I thought it’s a good time to talk about water intake and hydration in dogs.
Do you know, how much water exactly your dog needs every day?
The water intake, of course, depends on several factors, such as age, weight, health, nutrition, exercise, weather and others.
Dogs that eat dry food need more water than dogs eating canned wet food. Puppies have a more frequent need of water intake and often require a little more than adult dogs. Very active dogs usually drink a little bit more than their lazy collegues. On hot days we dogs usually pant more.  Loosing heat by rapid breathing also means loss of water that needs to be supplemented.

The healthy adult dog is usually capable of controlling a healthy water intake on his own. So, if you povide enough water, your dog will take care of the rest. There are exceptions, dogs that under- or over-drink under certain conditions.

But. today, let’s talk about the average mature, healthy dog.
As a rule of thumb this dog will need about 1 fluid ounce of water per pound of body weight under normal circumstances. For a dog weighing 50 pounds that would mean 50 ounces per day, which is close to 1 1/2 liter of water. Now, when we exercise and during the hot summer months our water intake can rise to even 50% above our average need – more than two liters a day!
So, remember before we take off for a summer day of fun in the sun to grab enough water for the BOTH of us as well as my collapsible bowl!
Allright, that’s it from me for today.
Cya next time with more interesting dog facts!


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