Please prevent dog overheating and burning their paws

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Please prevent dog overheating and burning their paws

Hi all! In light of the recent heat in some areas – we in Florida have a record summer – I want to dedicate this post to a very important topic: dog overheating.

I’ve used the opportunity to draw again to brighten up the otherwise pretty serious matter.

Every year we hear about deaths or health issues of children and pets left unattended in the heat of a car. Please pay attention to your pets and children in the summer heat! The temperatures can become health and even life-threatening in some cases quicker than some people are expecting.

Quick update!

Due to several requests for distributing this chart in printed posters, I’ve prepared two different printable versions – landscape and portrait in standard poster size of 11 x 17 in. If you want to help dogs and like to have the printable file, please contact me. I’ll send you a download link. It’s FREE.Please prevent dog overheating and burning their paws


I’ve gathered some interesting information on ho different surfaces heat up in the summer.
Let’s start with the outside air temperature.


Dog Overheating - Air Temperature


The air temperature we are going to compare different surfaces with is 103 degrees Fahrenheit(= 40 degrees Celsius). Pjiu, that’s already pretty hot!




Dog Overheating - Green Grass
While green grass does not get as hot as flat surfaces, it can still become quite warm in hot weather. 106 degrees Fahrenheit ( = 41 degrees Celsius ). Playing on the grass when the sun stands high can be quite exhautsing for dogs.





Dog Overheating - Brown Grass



Browned grass can even become warmer than green grass on a hot day. 120 degrees Fahrenheit (= 49 degrees Celsius).




Dog Overheating - Concrete



On a hot summer day concrete surfaces, such as drive ways or pavements can reach 143 degrees Fahrenheit (= 62 degrees Celsius).




Dog Overheating - Manhole Cover



Metal surfaces, such as painted metal, car bodies or manhole covers can reach 154 degrees Fahrenheit (= 68 degrees Celsius).




Dog Overheating - Tarred Road




Tarred, black summer roads can reach 167 degrees Fahrenheit (= 75 degrees Celsius) and more. Walking on such surfaces can cause burns to a dog’s feet. Remember, they’re walking on that stuff barefooted!



Dog Overheating - Inside A Car




In warm weather, even with the window rolled down 2 inches ( = 5 cm ) cars can heat up inside to health & life-threatening temperatures within only 10-15 minutes !!! At 80 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit (= 27 – 38 degrees Celsius) if parked in direct sunlight a car can reach up to 131 – 17 degrees Fahrenheit (= 55 – 78 degrees Celsius) inside. That’s hot enough to cook an egg!!!



Dog Overheating - Thank you!What you can do

Did you know that dogs cannot sweat the same way, humans an? The risk off dog overheating in the summer sun in pretty high. Even sunstroke is an existing risk. Here’s a little more info on how dogs sweat.
There are some things you can to protect your dog from the heat. Always providing enough fresh water is one thing. If exercising it on the lawn in your yard, consider soaking your dog before and just let it run around wet.

1. Consider buying Doggie Boots & take long walks with doggie in the morning or late evening
If you are interested in buying boots for your dog, check out Ruff Wear. It’s a very good quality brand. The shoes have a really good fit, if measured correctly. They seem a little bit pricey. But considering how long they last, it’s a longterm investment. I’ve not used boots with Mila so far. But we had a pair for our former dog Fancy because of her allergies. And they worked great!

2. Check the ground with your own hand. You’ll be amazed how hot it feels. Keep walking your dog on hot surfaces, such as concrete, as short as possible.


3. NEVER leave your dog in the car when it’s hot outside! Not even for a few minutes!

I’ve put together the info in a comic chart. Please feel free to share this chart, if you want to help others protect their dogs. Hope you like my drawings.

Please prevent dog overheating and burning their paws

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Tony from Thailand and i interested in your advert pls,kindly send me the download link for the campaign.

    Hope to hearing from you soon

    Sithiporn (Tony)

  2. Hi There,
    The Committee for Bull Terrier club of Western Australia would love a copy of the link for this poster? we would like to give a copy to each exhibitor at our next show.. our Summer is just around the corner so perfect timing. Love your site by the way 🙂

  3. Hi,
    Just found this website and I think your drawings are amazing! I have an 8yr old miniature bully, and a 4 yr old (English) Staffordshire bull terrier. Any chance you could feature a brindle and white bully?
    I would also like to use your poster if I may. I think we all need to get this information out to as many dog owners as possible.

    • Hello Steve,
      thank you for the flowers. 🙂 We once owned a Staffi, too. He was a really adorable rascal. Love that breed either.
      I already have created a poster on Bull Terrier colors, also featuring some color variations:
      I will try to keep your suggestion in mind and try to include one or the other color variation in future cartoons.

      So far, the white was an artistic choice to make the figure really popping out of the rest of the colors in the image.
      Also, white made it easier to introduce that kind-of-heart-shaped mask around the eye that I have chosen as a hallmark for my figures, in case you have noticed … 🙂

      Please feel free to download and distribute the heat poster. EVERYONE should be aware in the summer, I totally agree!

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