“Puppy Potty Training” tips or how to get your Bull Terrier puppy house trained

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"Puppy Potty Training" tips or how to get your Bull Terrier puppy house trained

Today I want to talk to you about puppy potty training, just because I am reading it so often: Owners becoming desperate with their puppy’s potty training.

But really, it’s not rocket science, yet merely a matter of patience and good tactics. Promised.

What you need to know

There’s really no need to get mad at your pup when it “just doesn’t seem to get it”.
First of all know that Bull Terrier puppies and other puppies usually need between 3-6 months to be fully house trained and for some it takes even longer.

Please don’t try to escape into weird “tricks” such as limiting your puppy’s water intake, for example. Your puppy needs water. Removing it can hurt and actually even kill a living being.

Note: If you suspect any physical cause underlying the issues, make a vet appointment to get that cleared up first.

Other than that establish your tactics:

Remove sensitive floor coverings (rugs) – if possible, for a while. Cover sensitive upholstered furniture with blankets and towels or – even better – waterproof car seat covers, if necessary.
You can even use those later in your car when you allow your dog to sit (belted) in the car with you.

Find a GOOD dog friendly, odor-killing cleaner, that is not aggressive on your floors or furniture and most importantly be patient and consistent.
I swear by this one! It kills odors reliably, the smell is pretty neutral, it does not affect my dog and it is gentle on my furniture and floors.

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