Bull Terrier toys – Balls

Balls are a great choice as Bull Terrier toys.

Bull terrier toys - Mila unpacking

Mila unwrapping her Christmas toy – a brand new Kong Extreme ball

As for my experience with EBT’s, just an example – the following situation with Mila:
Bully arrives at dog park, beach or any other place where different dogs are around. Bully can choose between playing with ball or other dogs – If lucky the other dogs get a quick “Hello” from Mila, who then sinks into her own world with the ball, ignoring everything around her from that moment on.
Fancy would also play with her ball for hours, the thing had to go everywhere with her – even potty! And I know of other examples from other EBT-owners and have seen Bullies in animal shelters, who would have given everything for a ball. Continue reading