Bull Terrier swimming – Mila having fun in the pool all summer long


Yes, those english Bull Terrier can be like fish. Watching a Bull Terrier swimming who is ball addicted – great combo! Watch Bull Terrier Mila having the time of her life with her ball in the pool all summer long. One of the funniest moments: The shaking slo-mo at the end.


Gnawsome ball – the awesome spiky ball for dogs

A Spiky Ball is possibly a great choice for your Bull Terrier

Spiky balls for dogs

Left: Gnawsome spiky ball for dogs (4.5 inch) Right: Toys “r” us spiky ball for dogs from PetSmart (approx. 3.5 inch)

Special tip - spiky ball for dogsBut there are good and … let’s say not so good ones.
It is usually not easy to find toys that your Bull Terrier loves and that LAST. This is why I spend quite some time on researching toys for dogs and testing them.
Just a few months ago I learned that many dogs love spiky balls – Mila is one of them!
They often have squeakers and come in many colors and different sizes. And they come with huge differences in durability, too. In this essay I will introduce two different balls to you, the Toys “r” us Spiky ball for dogs from PetSmart and the Gnawsome spiky ball.

In the chart below you find a quick comparison, before I describe both balls more in detail. My favorite is the Gnawsome, because it’s simply awesome! Keep reading to learn why …

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How to work out a Bull Terrier

If you have been asking yourself: Do Bull Terriers need a lot of exercise? In a word: YES! They definitely do!

How to work out a Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers are jokers who need exercise and mind challenges

Bull Terriers are jokers, embracing life to the fullest. They are like raw diamonds. If you use the wrong polishing tactics you will only get a pile of carbon. If you use the right tactics and commit to LIVING WITH your Bully, instead of just owning A DOG, you will get the most precious and loving pet you can imagine as the reward for your efforts.

Here you find some information on how to work out a Bull Terrier and what else to consider when you acquire a Bull Terrier as your new family member.
The Bull Terrier needs consistency, a lot of attention, education & guidance and he needs exercise as an outlet for his huge amount of energy. You will notice pretty soon that your new companion seeks a lot of interaction. Bull Terriers are not just pets. They really are family members and they act like it.
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English Bull Terrier and Miniature Bull Terrier Breed Information

There are quite a few things to know about the Bull Terrier and miniature Bull Terrier Breed. Let’s get started with the colors.

English Bull Terrier and Miniature Bull Terrier Breed Information: Colors

Bull Terrier and Miniature Bull Terrier Breed Information - Colors

Two Faces – Same Dog. There is quite a lot of variety in Bull Terriers

When first bred by James Hinks back in the 1800’s, only pure white Bull Terriers were bred, often referred to as “White Chavaliers” for that. Hinks intended to breed a well tempered and friendly “gentleman companion” and soon the Bull Terriers enchanted people with their funny charm. Bull Terriers were later crossed with Staffordshire Bull Terriers for colored variations. Today you find all kinds of variations, but white is still always involved. Combinations of white and black, brindle, red, fawn and tan are prevalent, sometimes three colors are involved. Even the white Bull Terriers today are not truly white. Inspecting the hair at their ears will reveal the second color they carry. Try it! Take a close look at your white’s ears.
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