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The world’s largest stuffed toy for dogs

Since I was in a massive DIY mood lately, Mila may now be the owner of the world’s largest stuffed toy for dogs. It was intended to kind of look like a Bull Terrier, but I did not really use any pattern, just started cutting fabric and sewing … and it turned out to look more like those Poke-thingies everyone is chasing

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My dog destroys all her toys

In my blog among others I try to also address problem behavior or general problems occurring when a dog, especially a Bull Terrier, newly comes into a household. Who does not know this complaint: “My dog destroys all her toys”. This is what I want to talk about today. I often hear of owners of Bull Terriers and other mid-sized dog breeds

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Dog treat balls – how to fill balls with two openings for freezing

Especially when your filling is quite fluid, it may become hard to fill dog treat balls with two openings, such as the Kongs, for example, for freezing. In this post I want to show you how I do it Preparation 1. Have a sufficiently large piece of plastic wrap ready 2. Place your ball in the center, so you can completely

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Tuffy toys – Soft dog toys that last

“Soft dog toys that last” and “Bull Terrier” – sounds like a paradox For Bull Terrier owners who like to give soft toys to their dogs, “Tuffy Toys” may be a viable choice. They are currently the only soft toys I buy for Mila, because of their durability. Don’t get me wrong! I am NOT stating that they are indestructible

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Gnawsome ball – the awesome spiky ball for dogs

A Spiky Ball is possibly a great choice for your Bull Terrier But there are good and … let’s say not so good ones. It is usually not easy to find toys that your Bull Terrier loves and that LAST. This is why I spend quite some time on researching toys for dogs and testing them. Just a few months ago I learned

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Petstages ORKA Tennis Ball Dog Toy

I have actually discovered the Petstages ORKA Tennis Ball Dog Toy coincidentally on Amazon on my search for durable dog toys and despite being hesitant in the first place decided to give it a try. As for Mila: She LOVED that ball almost as much as she loves real tennis balls. Sadly it was not able to withstand her for

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Chuckit Dog Balls

Chuckit! produces a wide range of toys for pets. Among them there are a lot of Chuckit Dog Balls. Due to the large variety even of balls alone, I will only cover the balls here that I have personally tested with Mila so far. But there will probably be one or the other additional other Chuckit! toy up for testing

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Tennis balls for dogs – such as your Bull Terrier

In general when selecting a Bull Terrier toy, always consider the enormous strength of their jaws and their bias to chewing. They will very likely not only push the ball around, but also chew on it, especially if they have access to it over long periods of time. This is why tennis balls for dogs are a choice to think about

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West Paw Design ball

The ball is available in different colors and it floats. This solid ball is very durable. Although I would not consider it indestructible, it sure can handle some chewing. Available sizes are: 2 inch, 2.6 inch and 3 1/4 inch. I have ordered the 3 1/4 inch size for Mila to make sure she can’t swallow it. This size turned

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