The “stop command” – remotely control your Bull Terrier

Stop commands are one of the most common misunderstandings between dog and owners, because many people just assume that the dog understands a firm “NO!” without ever really teaching them what it actually means.

The fact that this command is used to control many different kinds of situations does not make it much easier for the dog.
Luckily in many situations our Bull Terriers or other dogs do understand the meaning over time.
Because after experiencing certain situations and the tone of the voice repeatedly they can eventually count one and one together and learn the meaning of “NO” on their own.

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Dia de los muertos

It’s been a while. I’ve just been so awfully busy lately. But we all are, right?
So, I thought of something extra special to make up for the long pause.
This is something I’ve been wanting to do in a looong time:
Don’t you just love those artistic make-ups and masks for “Dia de los Muertos”?

Well, I do – a LOT.
And here we are, right in the middle of it.
What could be a better motif than a precious English Bull Terrier wearing such a mask, right?
So I took an older drawing on mine of my precious girl Mila and created my own version of those morbidly beautiful masks.
Hope you enjoy my drawing, everyone – Feliz Dia De Los Muertos and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Feliz Dia De Los Muertos

The world’s largest stuffed toy for dogs

Since I was in a massive DIY mood lately, Mila may now be the owner of the world’s largest stuffed toy for dogs. It was intended to kind of look like a Bull Terrier, but I did not really use any pattern, just started cutting fabric and sewing … and it turned out to look more like those Poke-thingies everyone is chasing on their smartphones currently. So, please don’t judge me for the looks. 🙂

Regardless, Mila really LOVES her new pal, and plays with him every day. This is particularly funny, because in general she is not really interested in playing with any living animals at all – just the stuffed ones. I own a life-sized stuffed tiger hubby once gave to me as a gift. And she just loved to play with it to the point I became afraid that she will destroy it one day. So, I tried to craft a replacement especially for her, double layered, extra heavy stitching … ready for some rough play. And a toy she can call her own.
Now, didn’t that work out really well … 🙂

Bull Terrier Mila with her humongous stuffed toy

Happy Fourth of July from Bull Terrier Mila

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, AMERICA! Patriotic Bull Terrier Mila is barking “The star spangled banner”.
Enjoy a wonderful 4th of July weekend, everyone!

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English Bull Terrier Mila singing “Happy Birthday”

Well, it’s all about birthdays here lately.
We originally produced this funny “Happy Birthday” video for my brother.
I think Mila did such a great performance in there that I HAVE to share it with you guys.

Enjoy and feel free to share it with every Bull Terrier fan who needs a special Happy Birthday greeting!

Dog Training basics 101: Does my Bull Terrier have a crystal ball?

Dog Training basics 101: Does my Bull Terrier have a crystal ball?Many owners who start dog training sooner or later encounter their dog “offering” certain behaviors which they have learned in the past.
In clicker training this is part of the basics of this training technique. Dogs are either lured into desired behaviors or the trainer is waiting until the dog is OFFERING the desired behavior or a tiny part of it.

So, in general “offering” is appreciated.

It can, however turn into a hassle when the “offering” develops into “predicting” and leads the dog to take premature action.
Dogs are creatures of habit and one of the greatest experiences for them is to KNOW in advance what is going to happen.
Especially when it concerns things that mean a lot of fun or food, such as playtime or dinner.

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Help! My English Bull Terrier keeps jumping at me and hurting me!

Help! My English Bull Terrier keeps jumping at me and hurting me!Does your Bull Terrier keep popping up like a “Jack in the box”? Are you green and blue with “bruises of joy” from your dog?

All of those, who already owned a Bull Terrier in the past probably know about this issue.

It is a pretty natural behavior of this breed. Many English Bull Terriers are very high-energy and active dogs and need proper outlets for this energy. Poorly exercised Bull Terriers can easily develop destructive and self-destructive, obsessive behavioral disorders.

Many NEW owners are pretty much caught by surprise when their English Bull Terrier keeps jumping at them and going up a lot – often accompanied by constant nipping. Luckily this behavior can be corrected.

But let’s take a quick glance at the causes first. 

Jumping is not limited to English Bull Terriers, but it is very common among them and if not corrected can become pretty extreme and even lead to injury, loss of teeth and similar unfortunate events.

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