Understanding dog behavior – staring and petting

Dog facts: Understanding dog behaviorHey guys, I know, it’s been a while.
But here I am back with a new dog fact.
Today I want to talk about misunderstandings between humans and dogs and the important role of understanding dog behavior in the relationship with your Bull Terrier.

Misunderstandings are what causes the majority of problems between humans and dogs.

Let’s first talk about human behavior and how Bull Terriers and other dogs in general perceive and how they may misinterpret it.

For example, did you know that a friendly, bright and teeth exposing smile of a person can be interpreted as an act of aggression by the dog, especially when the person also looks the dog straight into the eye?
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Dog nail trimming anxiety

How to deal with dog nail trimming anxiety?

Dog nail trimming anxiety - Mila is scared

“Mommy, do we really HAVE to do this? That nasty thing with the metal muzzle that eats my claws is scaring me!”

The fact that you are reading this article makes me guess that you are familiar with dog nail trimming anxiety. And you have probably encountered the following situation in one or another way: Your Bull Terrier watches you taking out the nail clipper and magically disappears. Once you have found her, you try to pin her in order to reach a claw. This is when the wrestling and nipping starts. You end up with ONE clipped nail – well, that is if it’s your lucky day – soaked in your own sweat and with a terrified dog hiding in the bedroom.
This problem is certainly not a typical Bull Terrier problem, dog nail trimming anxiety is a general DOG problem.
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