Dog beds for Bull Terriers – finding the right one

Dog beds for Bull TerriersSearching for dog beds and finding the right one for your English Bull Terrier is not an easy task. Bull Terriers are very sturdy – and so should be the dog beds for Bull Terriers.
Many love to chew on wood or to take filled upholstery apart just to see what’s inside.
So it’s no wonder that many of the usual dog beds end up shredded to pieces.
Well, at least that makes for funny photos on Facebook, Pinterest etc… I’ve seen many of those. But of course it’s not funny when buying dog beds turns into a costly hobby.
My favorite is the the chewproof, all aluminum Kuranda Dog Bed, I introduce in another essay. It is really cool and different from so many dog beds I have seen so far.
But first let me give you some general information on how to find good dog beds for Bull Terriers.

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