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More dog facts about the nose and sense of smell

Hello all, new Dog Facts here! Let’s talk about some more dog facts about our nose and sense of smell. Our nose is very sensitive, 1000–10,000,000 times more than human sense of smell. The main reason is that we have up to 60 times more scent glands than a human has. The part in our brain to interpret smells is four

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Dog facts about the nose and sense of smell

Hey folks, it’s Mila. Well, which body part did we not cover so far in our dog facts? Riiiight, the NOSE! Brace yourself, here come the facts! A dog’s nose print is just as unique as a human finger print. It can actually be used to identify us. So, how do WE identify other dogs? I see you already guessed

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More facts about dog’s eyes

Hi guys, Mila here. Today I have more interesting dog facts about dog’s eyes. Now we’re getting a little scientific: Dogs on average have a total visual field of 250 degrees. The degree of binocular overlap is approximately 85 degrees for a short nosed dog versus 75 degrees for long nosed dog. In comparison humans have a binocular vision of about

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The eyes of dogs and their vision

Hi everyone, it’s me again, Mila. Hope you’re all doin’ good. Here’s another smart dog fact to make you all geniuses. Let’s talk about dog’s eyes today: After their birth the eyes of puppies do not fully open before they are about 12 days old. This is different from humans. Human babies usually open their eyes right at birth. An

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