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Please prevent dog overheating and burning their paws

Greetings, everyone! Amidst scorching summer days, especially here in record-hot Florida, I’d like to shed light on a crucial subject: preventing dog overheating. To address this vital topic, I’ve decided to infuse a touch of artistry, using my drawings.

Each year, distressing stories emerge of lives lost or health jeopardized due to unattended children and pets trapped in sweltering cars.

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Dog Heat Suit – a great alternative to diapers for bitches in heat

If your female dog is not spayed, you are probably dealing with some messy issues during her heat cycles. Introducing: A great piece of dog apparel to handle the messy side of a dog’s heat:   The Dog Heat Suit Originally invented for dogs after surgery, this suit also aids in treatment of skin conditions, covers wounds for better healing,

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Your happy and healthy dog

Maybe you are currently thinking about becoming a puppy owner for the first time in your life. Maybe you already own a puppy or an adult dog and just want to double check, if you are already doing all the good stuff. Either way, this post is intended to provide you with information on the basics of a happy and healthy dog –

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Dog Vaccinations and Parasite Control

The proper dog vaccinations and parasite control depends a lot on the area you live in with your pet. Areas with very different seasons have different requirements than areas with very warm weather year round, for example. Therefore, if you are planning a vacation with your dog or moving to an area with a very different climate than the one

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