Did you know that dogs cannot sweat like humans?

Bull Terrier MilaIt’s true, Bull Terriers and all other dogs cannot perspire like humans do. We can only sweat through glands in our footpads. Our cooling system is not very efficient and we cannot lose heat as quickly by breaking out in sweat from head to toe as humans do. In addition to our piddly “foot-AC” we can try to get rid of excess body heat by evaporation from the surface of our tongue – also known as panting. But that is also limited in effect. This is why we easily overheat on hot days in closed spaces, such as cars. So, please do NOT leave us in your car during the hot summer months! It can kill us! Also don’t blame us for diving into that muddy puddle – it’s only to cool our overheated belly a little bit.

Cya next time with more interesting dog facts!