The world’s largest stuffed toy for dogs

Since I was in a massive DIY mood lately, Mila may now be the owner of the world’s largest stuffed toy for dogs. It was intended to kind of look like a Bull Terrier, but I did not really use any pattern, just started cutting fabric and sewing … and it turned out to look more like those Poke-thingies everyone is chasing on their smartphones currently. So, please don’t judge me for the looks. 🙂

Regardless, Mila really LOVES her new pal, and plays with him every day. This is particularly funny, because in general she is not really interested in playing with any living animals at all – just the stuffed ones. I own a life-sized stuffed tiger hubby once gave to me as a gift. And she just loved to play with it to the point I became afraid that she will destroy it one day. So, I tried to craft a replacement especially for her, double layered, extra heavy stitching … ready for some rough play. And a toy she can call her own.
Now, didn’t that work out really well … 🙂

Bull Terrier Mila with her humongous stuffed toy