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Dog trick tutorial: Teaching a dog how to operate a potty bell

Dog trick training is always the best when additional benefits result from it in addition to just having fun and a good time together. Teaching your dog how to operate a potty bell is a pretty handy trick. This gives your dog a way to get your attention when she needs to go outside for potty business. It can also

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Dog trick training: The “touch” command or hand target

Teaching your dog the “touch” command = touching things with the nose or paw is a fairly easy and basic trick that comes in handy for many different things. It is also called “target training” for obvious reasons, because you teach your dog to target something, such as your hand. This dog trick is a good basis,for example, for teaching your dog how to

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Dog trick: Teach your Bull Terrier how to crawl

How to teach the dog trick CRAWLING to your Bull Terrier or other dog. As I am shooting the videos for this tutorial, Mila is learning this new trick. So the info will come in phases. Accompany us in this little adventure and follow our progress. What you do when you teach the dog trick CRAWLING is you basically lure your dog into

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