Trick and obedience training for dogs

Bull Terrier MilaHello everyone, Mila here!

Today I’d like to have a quick talk about dog training:
Did you know that during trick and obedience training for us dogs it is a lot easier for us to learn spoken commands in combination with hand signals?

We don’t actually “speak” any human language. Actually there’s no such thing between dogs as a “language” either. We have our own way of communication. The barking you might consider our language is only a tiny part of it.
Because of our different ways of communication, we’re sometimes having a hard time handling the human way.
For example, it can be very hard for us to differentiate between a “Sit!” and a “Seek!” spoken by our humans. The two commands sound just so similar.
If they are used in connection to a very clear and distinct hand signal each – a different one for each command, of course – that makes things a lot easier for us.
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