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English Bull Terrier Mila singing “Happy Birthday”

Well, it’s all about birthdays here lately. We originally produced this funny “Happy Birthday” video for my brother. I think Mila did such a great performance in there that I HAVE to share it with you guys. Enjoy and feel free to share it with every Bull Terrier fan who needs a special Happy Birthday greeting!

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Is that the Easter Bunny … or what – Happy Easter!

This year we have been thinking really hard about how we want to wish you Happy Easter. Then I decided I will draw again. What? Well, of course the Easter Bunny! But when I sat down to do it … strange things happened … WHAT is THAT??? LOOK and see for yourself! As always I saved the funniest part for last.

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Dog trick tutorial: Weaving through legs

This dog trick tutorial shows you how to teach your dog to weave through your legs. This impressive dog trick is actually not that hard to teach.In my video everything looks extra perfect, because this time I forgot to shoot during the process and had to do it afterwards for the video. Mila then, of course, knew what’s coming and

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Hilarious Bull Terrier Dog Trick Compilation

In terms of dog tick training not everything works smoothly all the time – and why should it, training is just having a good time together. Sometimes it’s just fun to get carried away. On very good days Mila makes her own schedule of exercises and gets so excited that she is barely able to perform the movements correctly. This looks

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