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Feliz Dia De Los Muertos

Dia de los muertos Bull Terrier

It’s been a while. I’ve just been so awfully busy lately. But we all are, right? So, I thought of something extra special to make up for the long pause. This is something I’ve been wanting to do in a looong time: Don’t you just love those artistic make-ups and masks for “Dia de los Muertos”? Well, I do – a LOT.

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Is that the Easter Bunny … or what – Happy Easter!

This year we have been thinking really hard about how we want to wish you Happy Easter. Then I decided I will draw again. What? Well, of course the Easter Bunny! But when I sat down to do it … strange things happened … WHAT is THAT??? LOOK and see for yourself! As always I saved the funniest part for last.

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You know, something is going to happen, when you give Bullum that brand new ball … spoookyyyyy ….Happy Halloween, everyone! This cartoon is also available as FREE Halloween eCard!

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Happy Easter

Another Bull Terrier Easter Cartoon

I’m on fire! Here’s another funny  Bull Terrier Easter Cartoon just for you guys! If you want to, use it to send a funny Bull Terrier Easter greeting with my eCard service for FREE! (Register, if you want to set a date for the card to be sent – it’s also free!) Or, if you prefer printed paper cards, you can buy

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Bull Terrier St. Patrick's Day Cartoon

Early Bull Terrier St. Patrick’s Day Cartoon

I know I am a little early this time. But I did it on purpose, so you have enough time to send a Bull Terrier St. Patrick’s Day greeting with my new eCard service. The eCard is available here for FREE Or, if you prefer printed paper cards, you can buy this theme in my Zazzle Funstore on a printed greeting

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