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Bull Terrier Geburtstag


It’s your birthday today and we’re looking back at three years full of love and fun. You make every day a little brighter. Hope to have you around for lots of years to come, Mila! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY GIRL!

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How to entertain your Bull Terrier at home

As a dog owner are you wondering about how to entertain your Bull Terrier or any other dog at home? Especially during the winter time many owners feel challenged with entertaining theirs dogs at home. Here’s one fun way I use with my Bull Terrier Mila almost every day that only requires your dog’s bed, a blanket and some treats – no long preparations necessary.

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Your happy and healthy dog

Maybe you are currently thinking about becoming a puppy owner for the first time in your life. Maybe you already own a puppy or an adult dog and just want to double check, if you are already doing all the good stuff. Either way, this post is intended to provide you with information on the basics of a happy and healthy dog –

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Healthy dog treats – Suggestions

Not only the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The way to a dog’s heart goes the same way with healthy dog treats and balanced nutrition. I sometimes wonder when I watch many people treating their dogs generously with pieces as big as half a meal. When doing dog training you really learn to divide your treats, because otherwise

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Ten common mistakes in Dog Training

Dog training at all times should be fun for both dog and owner. In order to minimize failure and maximize success, there are some thing that should be avoided when owners start to train their dog. MISTAKE #1: Starting off with the fancy stuff When new to dog training many inexperienced owners start off with the fancy stuff, such as trying

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Dog treat balls – how to fill balls with two openings for freezing

Especially when your filling is quite fluid, it may become hard to fill dog treat balls with two openings, such as the Kongs, for example, for freezing. In this post I want to show you how I do it Preparation 1. Have a sufficiently large piece of plastic wrap ready 2. Place your ball in the center, so you can completely

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Homemade dog jerky treats recipe

During the last years there has been a lot of discussion about treats for pets, mainly because imports from Asia are still skyrocking. A lot of different types of treats have triggered warnings and even recalls. But not only questionable ingredients in or methods of preserving pet food are reason for concern. Today all of our food – human food

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Dog nail trimming anxiety

How to deal with dog nail trimming anxiety? The fact that you are reading this article makes me guess that you are familiar with dog nail trimming anxiety. And you have probably encountered the following situation in one or another way: Your Bull Terrier watches you taking out the nail clipper and magically disappears. Once you have found her, you try to pin her in order to

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The special treat – dog treat balls

Stuffed dog treat balls are a very special treat … … and will keep your English Bull Terrier busy for some time. There are some dog toys on the market that are prepared to be stuffed with treats. Some only offer the possibility to stuff in very tiny amounts and some allow only one kind of treat to be stuffed

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