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Maybe you are currently thinking about becoming a puppy owner for the first time in your life. Maybe you already own a puppy or an adult dog and just want to double check, if you are already doing all the good stuff. Either way, this post is intended to provide you with information on the basics of a happy and healthy dog – Bull Terriers included, because apparently they are dogs as well, although sometimes they behave more like little clowns. 🙂


The basic principles of a balanced nutrition, proper care, hygiene and exercise apply to any dog, no matter the breed.
In addition, there are often also some breed specific aspects to consider. But for now I will mainly cover information that applies to dogs in general.

Bullterrierfun - Your happy and healthy dog


I have prepared a cartoon style chart for you that shows the essentials of the happy and healthy dog. I am giving away the printing file for this poster for free. Contact me, if you want to have the file.

Find closer information fitting to the steps in the poster in the articles introduced below
The six basic steps to keep your dog happy and healthy:

Balanced Nutrition & Supplements

Proper nutrition and healthy supplements can have a huge impact on the health and lifespan of your dog. In fact the WRONG nutrition can even cause health problems and shorten your dog’s life.
Read on here about finding the right dog food.
Learn more here about the best supplements for dogs.

Healthy Treats

Treats are a wonderful way to tell your dog that you appreciate the good behavior. They are also a perfect training aid. When feeding treats, the calories they add to your dog’s daily food intake should betaken into consideration.
Here you find some great suggestions for healthy dog treats.


Every dog needs proper exercise, some more, some less. When choosing the right breed for you, looking at the energy level typical for the respective breed should be one of your criteria in order to find the perfect match. If you like jogging, a very agile dog will probably the better choice than a dog that does better on short distance exercises.
Find more information on exercises for dogs in this post.

Socialization and Obedience Training

Obedience training and socialization are two very important steps in the life of your new puppy. They will set the basis for your dog to become a good canine citizen.
Learn more about Obedience training and socialization in this article.


Different breeds come with different grooming needs. However, there are some things most dogs have in common, such as bathing, nail clipping and dental care.
Read more about dog grooming and general body care in this essay.

 Vaccinations & Proper Parasite Control

The vaccinations and parasite control your dog needs, depend a lot on the area you live in. For example, here in Florida Heartworm prevention is of the essence to keep a dog healthy. Back in Germany Heartworm was no real threat.
Learn more about the recommended core dog vaccinations and parasite control for dogs in this post.

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Carrie Rogers
8 years ago

Love it!! Can you please send me the file for the My Happy, Healthy Dog file.


Marie Wox
8 years ago

That are some great tips. I recently purchased a bulldog, as our last one passed away 10 days ago…… Would definitely try out these tips on the new comer 🙂

Jennifer Harp
5 years ago

I am teaching at a summer camp next week and our kids are creating Robotic Dogs and playing as vets. I’d love to have your dog care posters to use in the classroom so they learn to care for real dogs! Thanks so much!

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