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How I fell in love with Bull Terriers

Bull Terriers - Our first Bully "Fancy"
Our first Bully “Fancy” about 12 years old

Actually, I always was more of a cat-person and never really related to dogs.
My husband and I met over a decade ago back in our home country Germany. He brought an American Staffordshire Terrier into the relationship. This dog was quite a character.
That little rascal left a huge gap, when he passed away. He made me realize that I had really loved the life in the house – we don’t have kids – and, yeah, he had obviously turned me into a dog-person.
Thus it did not take very long until we set out for a new companion.
To my husband the choice was crystal clear: Some breed with the same childlike mindset as the staff, however this time a little smaller. Now, for him there was only one possible choice – one of those Bull Terriers. Nothing but that.


Seriously? An English Bull Terrier? One of those ugly pig-dogs with the egg-shaped head and those mean little eyes? Let’s say I was open for options, other than the Golden Retriever I had in mind. But in no way ever a Bull Terrier would have crossed my thoughts.

Long story short, our first Bully, Fancy, lived with us for about 14 years. She seriously was the most adorable dog I have ever met. Very sensitive, friendly to everyone, yet a little shy, extremely considerate and loyal to the bones.
A few years ago she had moved to Florida together with us and acclimated pretty well.
Still, she had to deal with the typical health issues of Bull Terriers, skin allergies. Also some other things like a womb suppuration, fungus infections,  and later in life epileptic seizures, renal problems and the far rarer vestibular syndrome.
Florida is a notorious melting pot for allergy symptoms. Fancy did already experience some problems back in Germany. But the situation kind of escalated here in FL. This led me to believe that the local vegetation or pesticides used around here may have triggered some of her problems. Today I know that also her nutrition and genetic disposition may have played a role.

I am working in my home office as a Graphic Designer, which allows me to spend much time around my dog.

Living with her and dealing with all of her health problems over the years built a lot of experience with and knowledge about the Bull Terriers.

Bull Terriers - Mila
Mila about 10 weeks old

Last year, Fancy left us – due to age. We were heartbroken and devastated. There was no more arguing about if or which breed was to follow her.
It could only be a Bull Terrier – a puppy to be exact.
For me this would be the very first time with a puppy. Fancy had already been one year old, when we adopted her.
I was both – bursting from anticipation and at the same time a little worried, if I would be able to handle it.
In order to be prepared I researched and read all over the internet, watched videos and even bought two books.
So when Mila joined us, theoretically I already knew a lot about puppy behavior and puppy training. I had  also stumbled over that mysterious “clicker training” method to teach a dog commands and tricks.
Curiously enough, especially when it comes to training information, either text or video, I never find a lot about Bull Terriers in particular. They always involved other – “easier to train” – breeds. So, in this blog I will try cover this topic a little more thoroughly over time.
Our “Joker-Face” Mila is now with us for roughly 7 months (9 months old) and a handful. She is fun, a joker, always up for an adventure. That  can mean chasing ants or geckos on the pool deck, bullyrunning the couch, checking the mail on my desk or stealing my shoes – well, she is … a Bull Terrier.

I have started to capture the funny moments I experience and my funny associations in cartoons, which I share here with you guys.
On this website, I also want to share some of my knowledge and experience and hope this will help other owners of this very particular breed.
So, get ready for a hearty laugh and some useful tips.


PS: Please remember that all advice on this website is NOT to be considered  professional advice about Bull Terriers. I am only writing about my own findings and experience and in no case take any responsibility for the use of this information.

June 11.2014

Mila is now 10 months with us and turning 1 yr. today. She is a pretty active young lady, but a delight through and through. She’s a textbook Bully and that’s why we love her so much!
Happy 1st Birthday, Mila!

Bull Terrier Mila
Mila turns one year – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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Mel Thomas
8 years ago

Hi Dorothea

I love your website & especially your wonderful bully drawings. I have had a link to your site on our webpage for ages, but would really like to use some of your images too please?

Anything printable would be great to use please & if you have something suitable for us to print onto a canvas please, that would make an awesome raffle prize? 🙂

Many thanks


NSW Bull Terrier Rescue Inc
Bull Terrier Rescue Qld


Dorothea Cornelius
Reply to  Mel Thomas
8 years ago

Dear Mel,
of course I am happy to support rescue organizations for dogs by giving a smile to people through my artwork. I have sent you an e-mail with more details.

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