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Bull Terrier eCards

Send a smile to someone you like with my Bull Terrier Cartoon eCards! It’s FREE! New themes coming up!
Originally I just intended to use a simple WordPress plugin. That turned out to be waste of time.
So I decided to use another way, which turned out even nicer.


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Note: If you rather like sending printed paper cards, you can buy many of my cartoons printed on greeting cards or postcards in my Zazzle Funstore.

Dog facts about the nose and sense of smell

Bull Terrier - dog factsHey folks, it’s Mila.
Well, which body part did we not cover so far in our dog facts? Riiiight, the NOSE!
Brace yourself, here come the facts!
A dog’s nose print is just as unique as a human finger print.
It can actually be used to identify us.

So, how do WE identify other dogs?
I see you already guessed it, by sniffing – predominantly butts. This sniffing tells us a lot about the other dog, for example if the other one is a boy or a girl, if he/she is friendly and if we have met before.
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