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Dog training is key, if you wish for a well behaved sidekick

Why Dog Training? - Mila in her training session
Mila doing her training

Imagine your puppy as an empty can ready to be filled with whatever is to come.
Not doing dog training with your dog in other words just means that you will just miss the chance to influence its view at the world and its desires and fears. Instead of you, environment and your dog’s best guess will take care of the “training”.


Thus no dog training, of course, will very likely lead to several undesirable results for you.
No, not because your dog was born as a “bad person”, simply because he doesn’t know better.
Besides what his instincts tell him, he does not know about attributes like “right” or “wrong”, “good” or “bad”.

You can choose to visit a puppy or dog training class to fill your English Bull Terrier can. A lot of Pet Stores offer dog training classes, for example.
But not everything depends on you taking a dog training class with your English Bull Terrier. Many people find that guidance helpful, but you can also do a lot yourself. Buy books, watch videos and just try to find your own ways.
I actually never went to any dog training classes with my English Bull Terriers and still manage to fill the cans after my desire.

You can even choose WHICH beverage you want to fill your can with. It is totally up to you.
Some people unfortunately use that in a very negative way by filling it with bitter stuff, like fear and aggression to create a dangerous dog. This poor creature then has to deal with all the hatred and animosity of those, who erroneously blame the dog for his behavior.

I prefer to fill the can with “Strawberry Lemonade” – loyalty, trust, obedience and a delight to live with.

Although it may feel different in the beginning, like any other dog your English Bull Terrier more than anything else in the world wants to please you. This is something very useful for you and your dog training process.

However, the way to that perfect companionship is not walked in one step. And your English Bull Terrier will need like an entire MANUAL during the dog training about HOW to please you.

This requires patience, love and consistency.

The can will be filling slowly, merely in little drops. And the both of you will have to develop together.
Because not only has your dog to learn what YOU want from him, YOU on the other hand also have to learn more about your English Bull Terrier’s needs. This is a bidirectional matter. You will be required to fulfill many of your dog’s needs to give your Bully the chance of becoming a balanced character and managing his endless energy.
There will be progress and fall-backs, because like a child your dog goes through different stages as he matures. And like every human he does stupid things.

You will have to make yourself really clear to your can, dog … aahm can … whatever – you get the gist. That does not seem too easy, I admit, because your can does not speak any human language. Especially in the beginning, your dog does not have any clue, what “NO” even means.
But your English Bull Terrier senses your real emotions by many factors, your posture, gestures, facial expressions, the tone and volume of your voice.

Some people try to resolve their communication problems by yelling. But yelling has the biggest educational effect only when used wisely and with purpose, and not just as a mood catalyst. It will not make your point any clearer unless it follows the triggering action immediately.  So, it is key to catch your Bull Terrier in the act or otherwise omit yelling or any other form of negative reinforcement. If too much time has passed already, she will sure get that you are not amused and that this has something to do with her. But she will not have any chance of knowing what exactly she has done wrong.

The best way is to catch your dog, RIGHT BEFORE she does something wrong.
Picture this: From the corner of your eye you watch you dog preparing to jump up on the couch. But you do not want your dog on the couch. THIS is THE moment to stop her!

Training is nothing other than developing a way to communicate with each other and eliminate misunderstandings.
Your English Bull Terrier and you will write your own dog – human, human – dog dictionary together while you do your training.

But over time I can promise you, you will be AMAZED how far this mutual understanding can go and how strong the bond will be. I have gathered a lot of helpful training tips in this section, which will help you to fill your can as sweet as candy.

Don’t forget to check in for updates frequently.

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