Dog trick tutorial: Weaving through legs

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This dog trick tutorial shows you how to teach your dog to weave through your legs. This impressive dog trick is actually not that hard to teach.
In my video everything looks extra perfect, because this time I forgot to shoot during the process and had to do it afterwards for the video. Mila then, of course, knew what’s coming and happily offered  what I wanted her to do. So, don’t get frustrated, if your dog takes a moment to learn this dog trick. We also needed some sessions for it to be perfect.

Bull Terriers usually do not have much reservations. But many smaller dogs don’t really like to walk through human legs. Just in case you are trying to teach this trick to another smaller dog, you may first need to overcome this limitation. After all it may require a little more patience, but eventually – if your dog manages to get used to walking through legs – it will also learn this trick.
For timid dogs this may even help to promote their self confidence a little, mastering that task and conquering their own fears. Learning that there’s nothing to fear about human legs. Well, that’s of course only true, if the humans are skilled enough to NOT step on the dog, because that obviously would bring back those fears.

We hope you had fun learning this trick together with us.
If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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