Did you hear this? – Interesting dog facts about how dogs hear

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Bull Terrier MilaHey guys, I’m back again with some interesting dog facts about me and my peers. Let’s talk about how dogs hear sound today.
It’s said that we are among those mammals with the most excellent hearing capabilities: In only 1/600 of a second we are able to locate the source of a sound.
Supposedly we are also capable of perceiving sounds from significantly farther away than humans can. But according to scientists that actually depends on the frequency of the sound.
Well, it would explain a lot of going furious “all of a sudden”. I mean, is it MY fault that you can’t hear what’s startling me?

Bull Terriers and all other dogs can hear higher frequency sounds than a human can. So we actually perceive the world differently when it comes to sounds.

Dog: 40 Hz to 60,000 Hz
Human: 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
We are said to hear best at around 8,000 Hz. A human’s hearing is best at around 2,000 Hz.

Sounds perceived as loud by humans often emit high frequencies, which can scare some of my kind.

Well, I myself like it loud. I bark and I like kicking things so they wobble and make noise when I’m seeking the attention of my humans. I also love to swing my potty bell for it! For our training humans often use whistles emitting high frequencies over 20,000 Hz (ultrasonic sound), so-called dog whistles, because we respond well to them without annoying whistle sounds for the human ear.

Ok, enough of the wisecracking for today!

Cya next time with more interesting dog facts!

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