Interesting dog facts about dog’s ears

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Bull Terrier MilaDid you know that Bull Terriers and all other dogs have more than eighteen muscles in each ear to move it. That is twice as many muscles than a human ear has!
It gives us our distinct repertoire of “ear gestures”.

They say that ears sticking straight up and being pointed allow for a better hearing in dogs.
I don’t know, if that’s really true, because I myself sometimes have such a hard time to hear my masters voice when I am called to come.

But it seems to be true that my colleagues with the flappy ears have a more impaired hearing, because the flaps can block vibrations of sound.
Another interesting fact is that dogs with a big, square head and large ears (like the Saint Bernard dog) are said to be best in hearing subsonic sounds.
You know what’s crazy about that? This guy has flappy ears!!!

You certainly know that some of my fellow brothers and sisters are afraid of thunderstorms.
I myself just bark them away – so what!
Well, interestingly the other dog’s fear may actually not even be real fear, but a reaction to pain, because thunderstorms have sound frequencies that can hurt a dogs’ ears.
We also often are hesitant to step outside during rain. Although rain lets me go crazy every time I get back in, it’s mostly not the fear of getting wet that holds us back.
Rain can amplify sounds, which again can hurt in the ears of very sensitive dogs.
Well, thank goodness, I LOVE rain … I’m siiiiiiingin in the raiiiiin ….

Cya next time with more interesting dog facts!

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