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Guys, I do not often use my blog to advertise my merchandise. Just as everything else here, I am mainly doing it, just because I like it! I like seeing my cartoons and artwork on nice products.
But I have to admit, I am a little excited to hear what you think because I’ve spent a fair amount of time and effort recently on overhauling my entire Zazzle store, making the storefront and my products more appealing and adding new motifs and items. More will be on the way. I invite everyone already looking around for some nice Christmas gifts to visit my store and see if there’s something in the box for them.

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If you have any suggestions for new motifs, I welcome you to let me know. I have already yielded the request to introduce some colored Bull Terrier figures instead of only pure white ones and I feel like the cartoons benefit from this suggestion.
I hope that you like my store. If you do, I really appreciate any referral.
The selection is not huge so far, but I have added quite a number of products. I have a lot of greeting cards, which will keep coming, coffee mugs, watches, bags, artwork, bedding and throw pillows, dishes and even wrapping paper.
I will try to come up with some neat t-shirt motifs, as I know people love t-shirts.
I’ve introduced categories as well as themed collections in order to make it easier to browse the contents. I love the variety of products Zazzle enables one to offer. If you ever see a motif in my store that you would like placed a certain item that is not yet part of my store, please let me know and I’ll take care of it.

In case you decide to buy anything for the holidays, make sure to order soon enough because the Zazzle delivery usually takes some time. But their products are great and worth the wait. I’ve bought several gift items there already myself and they were of amazing quality every time.
Enough said, just go ahead and take a look. 🙂

*** Bullterrierfun Cartoon Store! Click here! ***

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